When you get two people together who share the same passion, interesting things are bound to happen. Whether it's finding the right notes and rhythms in a piece of music, or the right tones and flavors in a great bottle of wine, Sean and Dave know how to create something special that not only entertains, but really hits the spot. Like the saying goes - "Great minds drink alike".

Dave sitting on the porch playing his guitar.

Dave Matthews

You might know Dave from his day-job as a professional musician, but his passion for winemaking stretches back nearly as far as his love for music. With a winery in Virginia under his belt, Dave's no amateur, but when he chose to lay down roots in the California wine country, he knew he couldn't go it alone.

"A real foundation of being a great winemaker is someone who loves community and that shared feeling.That parallel between what he does with music and what we do with wine is amazing."


Sean Mckenzie

New Zealand native Sean McKenzie has spent a lifetime perfecting his craft at wineries around the world. At The Dreaming Tree, Sean repeatedly demonstrates his ability to preserve California’s most prestigious growing regions and their respective styles through the portfolio’s stellar lineup.

"I like Sean. He lets me tag along while he works. I don’t know if he trims his eyebrows but he's a fine wine maker."


Sean tasting the latest Dreaming Tree wines, Cabernet and Crush.

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